Alleluia! Amen! (SATB - Prelude, Chorale and Fugue)

ID: SM-000208784
ComposerWilliam Hedrick
Lyricist old sacred text
PublisherWilliam Hedrick
Year of composition 2014
Genre Classical / Choral music
Instrumentation Mixed choir
Scored forChoir
Type of scoreVocal score
Difficulty Difficult
Description "Alleluia! Amen!" is a contemporary work for unaccompanied SATB. It is basically an ABCA form with the Prelude as the introduction followed by the Chorale and a Fugue section, and a return to the Prelude for the concluding "big ending". It is a difficult piece because the Chorale has dissonant harmony with independent vocal lines that require singers to "hold their own" throughout this section. The vocal lines create a weaving motion throughout the section. The words are the title and repeat throughout the composition. This would be a great piece for the advanced high school chorale or college choir and is suitable for any concert venue - the words are found in most religious contexts (Alleluia & Amen). It is also a great study piece for training choral sections to maintain and sustain their own vocal line throughout the piece and for tuning the dissonant harmonies. There are no extreme intervals in the harmony and finding pitches can usually be related to other parts. It would be suitable for festival or contests. It does have a big ending that goes into 8 parts. The choral score also has a piano rehearsal part. The audio clip is a computer rendering in Finale.
Upload date 18.07.2014


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